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I’ve been searching for just the right treadmill desk for a long time, and finally found one that’s simple, portable, and affordable. The Tread-Top® desk is made of heavy duty construction with a blue coating, folds in half using a hinge, and straps to the treadmill arms with Velcro. Easy. It took me less than ten seconds to attach. Cost of the Tread-Top® is $60 plus about $18 shipping.

Writers tend to get wide in the beam due to hours of sitting. Walking at a speed of 1.0 mph while working will keep me active and productive at the same time. I can use my portable netbook or my laptop on the desk. When I’m finished working, and want to run or walk at a more aerobic pace on my treadmill, I remove my laptop, detach the desk, and go.

Author Adele Downs has no personal or business connection to the North Carolina company that offers Tread-Top®. I’m simply a customer who is happy with her purchase. If you’re interested in reading more about the product,  here’s the link.

Happy walking while you work!



Comments on: "Cheap, Simple Treadmill Desk!" (6)

  1. Hi Adele, I am currently trying to order one of these for my mother could you provide me with any help? I can’t seem to be able to order it on the website


    • Hi Ryan,

      Here’s an email address that might work for you: I got the impression that Tread-Top is a small, home based company. When I called, a woman answered as if I’d called a home phone. She was very pleasant and helpful, though, and I got my desk a couple of weeks after ordering. I’m very pleased with the quality.

      I hope your mom enjoys her desk. Happy holidays!



  2. Adele, we are so happy that you are enjoying your Tread-Top and we thank you for your purchase! We recently came out with the Universal Bracket for those folks who have the older style treadmills with the sloped handle bars. The Universal Bracket creates a level frame for the Tread-Top to attache to! Go to for details.


  3. Susan said:

    I love the idea of a treadmill desk! Very effective as exercise helps you think better, while it improves your health.


    • Hi Susan!

      I’m so glad I finally found the perfect desk companion for my treadmill. I’ve been using it an hour per day and have already lost weight. Thanks for stopping by!



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