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See who I met at the 2013 Old Fiddler’s Picnic in Wagontown, Pennsylvania! One of the town’s firefighters, who was kind enough to let me take pictures and offered to ‘suit up’ for me in his turnouts to show my readers how it’s done.

This handsome firefighter reminds me of James Tucker, my SANTA TO THE RESCUE story hero. Thank you for being so generous with your time! It was nice meeting you. My readers will definitely enjoy meeting you too. Who doesn’t love a firefighter?

Photo by author Adele Downs

Photo by author
Adele Downs








(Photos are the property of author Adele Downs and may not be copied or reproduced without written permission.)

Comments on: "A Fireman Suits Up!" (10)

  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


  2. And now, the pictures where he take all that off, yes?
    /romance lover’s grin

    Hey now. He has that boyish cute thing AND he saves lives? SOLD!


  3. Annnnd THAT’s the definition of a good weekend! LOL Love it!


  4. I loved the post. Lucky for me, my godfather and my best friend’s hubby are both firefighters. Her husband works for the city of Detroit and has come into my classroom to share his suit and information. It’s so important for the children to know what firemen (and hear the voice) just so they don’t hide from them. I honestly can say, this career is where they give it all…body, mind and soul.


    • Hi Melissa!

      I felt like a kid, too, when I saw the firetruck at the music festival. I just had to walk over and ask to take pictures. The firefighters were very pleasant and accomodating, so they’re clearly used to dealing with the public and answering questions. I agree that it’s good for children to know just how important our fire rescue members are to the community. Thanks for visiting and commenting!



  5. vlmbatman said:

    Hi, Adele! I love the photos. I participated in the Fireman’s citizen’s academy and wore the gear, including the tank. It’s heavy. A very interesting time and learned so much. Great photos.


    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit and share your experience. The equipment did seem very heavy to me. I saw the tank you mentioned on their truck and can’t imagine carrying that too. The Wagontown PA firefighters were very kind and accomodating and let me take lots of pictures. I’ll post more soon.



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