Down to Earth Romance

Main Stage

Main Stage

One of the highlights of summer for hubby and me is the annual Old Fiddler’s Picnic in rural Wagontown Pennsylvania’s Hibernia Park. Musicians from across the country gather for the simple pleasure of playing together on stage and inside the clearings of the Hibernia Park woods. Their appreciative audience moves from one clearing to another to enjoy the impromptu jam sessions. Anyone can join in at any time, and it’s fun to watch a fiddler, guitarist or bassist step into a group and begin to play.

Here’s a link to a You Tube video taken at the 85th Annual 2013 Old Fiddler’s Picnic. This band is one of many who performed at the festival.

I took over a hundred pictures at the picnic, but thought these were some of the most interesting. Enjoy! Maybe next year, I’ll see you at there!

ofpfiddler ofpflute

ofpband ofpgirlswithguitars

ofpdogs ofpsneakers

ofpface ofpduo





A Long Day at the Old Fiddler's Picnic

A Long Day at the
Old Fiddler’s Picnic

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