Down to Earth Romance

October is the month of the Blood Moon. The full Blood Moon, also called Hunter’s Moon, rises October 18, 2013 at 7:37 EDT. A Lunar Eclipse will also be visible in parts of the USA and Canada.


The Romans called this month Octem or ‘eighth month’ on their oldest calendar. The Blood Moon is named for the ancient custom of killing and salting common livestock before winter’s cold and snow made it impossible for families to feed their animals. Only the most vital livestock were cared for during those harsh months. In modern times we recognize the need to prepare for frigid temperatures by raking leaves from our lawns, ‘winterizing’ our cars and houses, and deep cleaning our homes before the holiday season arrives.

Since there will be no full moon on Halloween until 2020, Trick or Treat’ers will walk to the light of the waning Quarter Moon this year. The last phase of the Quarter Moon provides only 10% of the light offered to earth by the full moon, so be sure to carry a flashlight or lantern when accompanying children on their rounds.

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