Down to Earth Romance

To celebrate the holiday season author friends Stephanie Julian, Marilyn Herr, and I traveled to Mount Hope, Pennsylvania to the Theatre in the Mansion on the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair grounds to see “A Dickens of a Christmas.” Lunch at an historic tavern and a recent snowfall added white Christmas charm to set the mood.

Actors dressed as characters from Charles Dickens stories, like The Artful Dodger and Fagin (who offered to hold our pocketbooks during our visit for “safekeeping”), greeted us at the door and then performed vignettes in various rooms of the mansion. The decorations were gorgeous and the costumes beautifully made. I had an extra bit of fun when the King in one of the plays chose me to step on stage and play the part of his Queen. Fortunately, he whispered instructions during my scene and my lines were written on a table top. We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the performances, so my friends were unable to take photos of me as Queen of the Day. My memories will have to do.

I wish you all a Dickens of a Christmas!







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