Down to Earth Romance


I’m celebrating my birthday with my family on the eve of my new release NATURALLY YOURS and couldn’t be happier. Release Day is like a birthday party and Christmas morning wrapped up in one, and no gift could be better for an author than publication of her book by a supportive and enthusiastic publisher. The early reviews of NATURALLY YOURS have been overwhelmingly positive, which makes my release date sweeter. Thank you so much!

I wish the master chef in my story, Amanda Greer, could create a birthday dinner for me like the meals she creates in her restaurant. Her beautifully restored farmhouse would be warmly lit with candles and there’d be flowers on the table set with a linen tablecloth, silverware, and fine china. There would be no balloons decorating the room, though. Balloons have been banned from the premises. You’ll have to read NATURALLY YOURS to find out why.

Author pal Veronica Forand wished me a happy birthday by linking our blogs in a post about our books, and I’m returning the gesture. Check out her new and upcoming titles Code Red and Tackled By The Girl Next Door on her blog page.

Dozens of big-hearted book bloggers will feature NATURALLY YOURS over the next four days to get the word out about my new release. There will be prizes for visitors. I have posted the list of participants on my Adele’s Book Tour Footprints page and will post reminders over the next two days on this blog. Please join us!

I appreciate your interest in my books and for following my blog. I hope you enjoy NATURALLY YOURS.

Naturally Yours

Coming October 7, 2014!


Who will save a man who saves the world? Paramedic

Mickey Kendall hasn’t slept a full night since his return from Iraq. He rescues victims by day and protects the innocent after dark. Mickey doesn’t do it for glory; he wants absolution, not admiration. He lives by the rule: No personal contact after a rescue. That code meets the ultimate test when Mickey saves a child’s life on a roadside and declines the parents’ invitation to dinner at their upscale restaurant.

Master chef Amanda Greer lives by the principle that delicious food and good company build bridges. When she learns Mickey has refused her business partners’ hospitality, she persuades him to change his mind. The handsome paramedic visits her restaurant and Amanda joins him at his table. Their unexpected chemistry turns kinetic and leads to a passionate kiss. In Amanda’s arms, Mickey finds relief from the stressors that haunt him, but resists falling in love. When Amanda challenges him to face his demons and accept the love she offers, Mickey arrives at a crossroad. The war-weary paramedic must first save himself to claim the woman who reignites his passion for living and revives his wounded heart.

“You can’t go wrong with Adele Downs.” ~Will Work for Books

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