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We had a wonderful visit to Highland Orchards in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I took a break after a busy release week for my new book NATURALLY YOURS and relaxed with my husband at Highland Orchards, a crown jewel of Chester County, Pennsylvania. People travel from around the state to pick their own apples and other fruits or to buy them direct from the Highland market. The staff bakes pies, cakes, breads, and their signature apple cider donuts every day. (I especially like to eat the apple cider donuts while they’re still warm.) They offer a wide variety of homemade jams, preserves, butters, relishes and more. Take a hay ride, visit the children’s zoo, or walk the corn maze. Well worth the stop. I gotta’ say; I love living in my home state.

These photos were taken with my little Fuji FinePix digital camera. Am I making you hungry?



 Hungry yet?

   HO_AppleBin   HO_CaramelCandyApples   HO_CandyApplesSprinkles

  Is your mouth watering?

Comments on: "DELICIOUS FALL APPLES, Photos" (2)

  1. Great pictures my mom and dad used to visit Chester County they took really beautiful pictures every time they went my mom really loved visiting there.


    • Pennsylvania is a beautiful state and I love living here. There’s an endless number of things to see and do. Glad you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for stopping by.

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