Down to Earth Romance

Farmers work hard. So it’s nice to know when our food is also grown and raised with a sense of humor. Our favorite farmer at Lindenhof Farms wore this smile with his turkey hat at the outdoor market last weekend. I have to say, the hat added another reason to enjoy our visit.

We stocked up on Lindenhof’s fresh made chicken pot pies. The farm grows and raises the vegetables and chicken for the filling and a local woman makes the pie pastry. OMG. The best, ever. And no GMOs, preservatives, hormones or additives. Yummy and healthy!


More from the farmer’s market.


Gorgeous Fall Crops


  I wish the lighting at the market had been better for taking photographs.

 I only had my smartphone available for pictures, and couldn’t reduce the shadows or too bright areas, but you get the idea.


 If you haven’t gotten into the habit of buying locally grown and raised fresh foods, I highly recommend you do!

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