Down to Earth Romance

OMG, I had no idea wine tasted great with chocolate! All my life I thought wine was meant for salty foods like cheese and crackers or as a delicious beverage with dinner. Boy, was I missing out! I need a subscription to Wine Spectator.

I took a day off from writing to celebrate the completion of another manuscript (Yay!) and visited the Chaddsford Winery in Chadds Ford, PA. Hubby and I did something completely new and fun with the winery’s “Wine and Chocolate Tasting” event. It’s not every day we give ourselves permission to drink seven kinds of wine, each paired with a specific piece of chocolate to complement the flavors, so on this day we were all in!



Who knew a light, crisp white wine paired well with dark chocolate butter creams; that sweet and spicy apple wine tasted great with milk chocolate maple creams; or a semi-sweet red needed milk chocolate caramel? Mmmm.

I’d like to know whose job it is to sip wine and nibble chocolate and pair them for wine tasting events. Sign me up for that job, please!


My favorite wines were the chilled Proprietors Reserve White (light, crisp, and clean. Perfect for sipping while cooking dinner) and the Spiced Apple, served warm. We bought bottles of  both and will serve the Spiced Apple at our Thanksgiving table. I think it will be the best wine we’ve ever offered our holiday guests.



We enjoyed our afternoon wine tasting event and will definitely visit again.

I love my home state of Pennsylvania. There’s so much to see and do here!

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