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To celebrate Valentine’s Day during Goodreads #RomanceWeek, I invited actor and cover model John Antorino to visit my blog and show us some love with his newest, better-than-chocolate photographs. John graciously agreed, and told me, “I am big on passion, love, and romance. Not just on this day of love we call Valentine’s Day, but all year long.”


Please be sure to say hello and make John feel welcome in the comments section. When you do, you’ll be automatically entered to win your choice of contemporary romance novella NATURALLY YOURS by Adele Downs or contemporary cowboy short story KISSING HER COWBOY by Adele Downs. Prizes sent via Amazon Kindle directly to your email address. Extra credit given for tweets, Facebook, and Tsu shares! Bonus credits if you follow this blog, too!

Three winners announced here Saturday, February 14, 2015.


Lana Moon, Brandi Leigh, and Candy Chapman. I will contact you directly to claim your prize.

Many thanks to all who stopped by to visit John and I and to those who entered my contest. I hope you enjoyed John’s feature and will enjoy reading my books.

Naturally Yours    Kissing Her Cowboy

Ready for more?


John Antorino is a fitness model, romance novel cover model, and actor whose upcoming documentary film with Eric Roberts, There Is Many Like Us, will release in 2015. John and Eric play bad guys, but I can assure you that John is one of the nicest, most down to earth guys you’ll meet in real life. He has appeared in Sex and The City, Sex and The City 2, Lipstick Jungle, The Forensic Files, and The Republic, among others. New film projects are in the works for the foreseeable future.

When he’s not working on his career, John volunteers his time in hospitals in his home state of New Jersey and around the country, visiting children with cancer. He calls his volunteer work his “true passion.”


I asked John to describe his ideal Valentine’s Day date:

“My ideal romantic Valentine’s Day date wouldn’t be the typical out to dinner and roses sent to work. Although I’m sure I’ve done that in the past. But that’s too common for me and every couple typically does that to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather take the time and effort to make a nice homemade dinner. Candles lit. Greet her at the door with a rose and a big kiss. After dinner some good homemade dessert. A good movie. Hugging and kissing and fall asleep in my arms all night.

“I have to say though, for me, and being the man I am, I am this way all the time. Year round. It’s not just for one day on Valentine’s Day. Hugs, kisses, love, affection, romance and beautiful words should be shared daily!”


I’ve interviewed John for articles published on other romance blogs, but met him for the first time in October 2014 at the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book conference, where he represented a publisher for whom he does cover modeling.

Lucky me, John greeted me with a kiss! Book Obsessed Chicks book club president and blogger Kimberly Radicy-Rocha caught the moment on camera. John is gorgeous and likable. No wonder I’m smiling!



John Antorino is the spokesperson for Muscle Wiz and has appeared in several fitness magazines.


Wow!  ‘Nuff said about this smokin’ hot pic.


“I’m a selfless, passionate lover. I love kissing and taking care of my lady in every way. When she’s with me she knows what passion, romance, and love is. Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!” ~ John Antorino


For more information about John Antorino, visit his social media pages.

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Thank you for joining us! I wish you a week filled with romance.

~Best, Adele

(Please remember that all photos on this blog post are copyrighted and the property of John Antorino. They may not be copied, shared, or used for any personal or professional purpose without express permission.)

Comments on: "Hunk of Love John Antorino-Featured Cover Model and GIVEAWAY! #RomanceWeek" (36)

  1. Jeff Sciore said:

    Great guy!!! My Cousin as well!!!


  2. Andrea Sutherlund said:

    Wonderful Friend, Always so sweet and always good looking…. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Great seeing you when you are in NJ…



    Be still my heart & quit drooling……Thanks for visiting….Your always welcome at my house


  4. Thank you everyone for stopping by and for your kind words and compliments here. Have a week filled with love passion and romance. Hugs&Kisses- John Antorino

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m late to the post, Adele, but I must say, you certainly know how to show your readers a Happy Valentine’s Day week.
    I enjoyed the interview and the romance of learning about cover models.
    Thanks, John.


  6. Can you bring him to New York this summer? Wow! Great blog Adele


  7. Dawn Davila said:

    John is truly an extraordinary person, His inner beauty, charisma, love and kindness all bring out further his incredible looks. He truly is a man with a HUGE heart. One of the most incredible men you will ever meet..


  8. karyrader said:

    Fun interview, Adele! And John, thanks for indulging us.


  9. Barbara adams said:

    Good morning John. Nice article. Hope you’re doing good. Meeting up with your mom on Friday can’t wait to see her. Have a great week.


  10. Great post Adele! He sounds like a really great guy! Is he single? Cuz I could use a guy like him in my life lol 😉 The pics are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. ❤

    Take care & I hope you have a great day! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com


  11. Mary Preston said:

    Lovely to put a name to the face & body.


  12. Laura Rambo said:

    Such a fine example of a man who has personal commitments to his training and yet gives so much to others!


  13. Isn’t it nice to know that he’s just as gorgeous on the inside as he is on the outside! Thanks to both John and Adelle for a great interview!
    Best, Emily


  14. Joyce Slostad said:

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us. Fascinating to learn more about him. Good luck with your acting career John – you should go far!


  15. alannalucas27 said:

    Wonderful interview 🙂


  16. Candy Chapman said:

    Nice interview! I always love learning more about the models. Good luck with your acting career, John!


  17. Wonderful blog post, Adele and John. My daughter goes to Rowan University in NJ where she met her boyfriend who is from NJ. He is the nicest guy! Best of luck to you with your career, John. Adele, don’t include me in the giveaway because I already have your wonderful books!!


  18. I’m big on John… Giggity.


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