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May 2015 is the third annual International Short Story Month, inspired by April’s National Poetry Month, which began in 1996. Short stories have made a huge comeback with the introduction of ebooks and e-readers and some claim we’re poised for another “short story golden age.”

Do you read and enjoy short stories? Personally, I love them. Short stories give us the opportunity to try an author’s work without a huge time commitment or financial investment. They’re also a great way to follow authors who write both shorts and novels. I happen to be one of those authors, and would love for you to try my books if you haven’t yet. My Lunchbox Romance short stories from Boroughs Publishing are KISSING HER COWBOY and its standalone sequel HER CHRISTMAS COWBOY; both with positive reviews and only .99/

I hope you’ll celebrate International Short Story Month with me. For more information visit:

Kissing Her Cowboy

Her Christmas Cowboy_tent cover

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