Down to Earth Romance

Thank you Library Journal for reading and reviewing LIP SERVICE and loving it! I’m thrilled the book was selected.

Downs, Adele. Lip Service. Boroughs. May 2015. 83p. ebk. ISBN 9781942886327. $2.99. PARANORMAL ROMANCE

Linda Anderson, aka “Legs,” and Jack Harris have been dancing around each other since they made mud pies together as children. Only one thing could stand between them: Legs’ Aunt Ada. Once Ada died and left her house to her niece, Jack decided to make his move. Unfortunately, Ada is not as gone as he thought, and she is not exactly pleased with what has been going on in her bedroom. While there’s certainly enough material here for a longer story, this novella zips along. One can only hope for a sequel with more of Ada’s backstory.
Verdict: A quick ghost story from Downs (Naturally Yours; Santa to the Rescue) that is perfect for passing the time on your way to your vacation.—Emily Thompson, Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga Lib.

Lip Service_tent3

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