Down to Earth Romance

Returned from the RWA (Romance Writers of America) national conference in New York City both energized and zombie-like. It’s a strange sensation to be simultaneously exhausted but raring to go.

This is my favorite conference souvenir. My publisher got this exactly right, wouldn’t you agree?


During off hours, author friends from my publishing house and I walked around Times Square and watched the street performers. For a price, visitors could gather around break dancers, or have their pictures taken with costumed cartoon characters and actors dressed as the Statue of Liberty. A production company was filming a music video and the crowd was invited to sit in a section of bleachers and act as extras. We watched actors in tuxedos complete a scene for the film.


The most interesting photo-op for hire was the naked young woman wearing only a thong, painted head to toe in red, white and blue in front, and I ♥ New York on her butt cheeks. I couldn’t help but wonder how much money she made a night. Her so-called boyfriend tried to persuade me to take a picture with her, but I declined. I wanted to cover her with my cardigan and call her mother, instead.


More mainstream performers pitched Broadway shows in places like the Marriott Marquis on 46th and Broadway, where Romance Writers of America held their conference. These women danced and posed in the hotel lobby to promote the musical, “Chicago.”


I might be a country girl from rural Pennsylvania, but I love visiting New York.

More soon about my trip to the RWA national conference.


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