Down to Earth Romance

Luna, our beautiful moon, fascinates me, and for a time I took a casual interest in learning about its phases and its intricate relationship to earth and our oceans. One of the benefits of living in the country is the vastness of a night sky that lets us enjoy the view of the moon and stars for as long as we’d like to linger.

MoonOctobersigned2 copy

The sky seemed to peel back layers the night of this stunning full moon, and so I grabbed my camera. I took these pictures on the front lawn of my home in southeastern Pennsylvania.


If I hadn’t seen this sky with my own eyes, and taken a series of photographs that included this one, I might have assumed the picture was created by a cover artist for a science fiction or urban fantasy novel. This stunning display greeted me outside my front door.

Fun moon facts about October:

October is the month of the Blood Moon, also called Hunter’s Moon or Travel Moon. The Blood Moon is named for the ancient custom of killing and salting common livestock before winter’s cold and snow made it impossible for families to feed their animals. Only the most vital livestock were cared for during those harsh months. In modern times we recognize the need to prepare for frigid temperatures by raking fallen leaves from our lawns, ‘winterizing’ our cars and houses, and deep cleaning our homes before the holiday season arrives.

The full Blood Moon rises at sunset Tuesday, October 27, 2015, three days after the astrological calendar moves into the sign of Scorpio. Since there will be no full moon for Halloween until 2020, Trick or Treat’ers will walk to the light of the waning full moon this year.  — Adele Downs


Photos and content copyright Adele Downs

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