Down to Earth Romance

I caught the photography bug a few years ago on a winter walk through the woods with my husband. The winter was bitterly cold that year, and after weeks of ice and snow, a rare warm day with bright sun appeared. My husband and I bundled up for a hike along the Brandywine River trails, and for some reason, I grabbed my digital camera and put it in my pocket. I had no idea the decision to take pictures as art would be life-changing. I absolutely loved the process.

My new, more powerful digital camera goes with me most places these days, and though I’m strictly amateur, I’m serious about getting the lighting and perspective just right. Photography has become a hobby that relaxes me and allows creative expression when I’m not writing. It’s a nice balance, because writing keeps me alone and confined to an office, while photography forces me out into the world.

My pictures have become a regular feature on my website and blog and, to my surprise, almost two thousand subscribers visit Down To Earth Romance. The marriage of books and photographs has been joyful for me, and I’m especially happy that others seem to like what I do.

Here are some of the photos I took on that life-changing winter walk. I hope you enjoy them.

Best~ Adele

trailahead2 copy

trailrock1 copy

trailtrees copy

trail1 copy

Photographs copyright Adele Downs 2016

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