Down to Earth Romance

The woman who sold her beach house to Steve and me is 100 years old. Although her age is remarkable, even more impressive is that she lived alone until the day we made settlement, took daily walks around our bay community, and grew all her own vegetables in her backyard garden. She painted the kitchen and powder room at age 99, did all her own laundry and cooking, mowed her own lawn, and raked her own leaves. At 100, she finally decided to retire to an assisted living community, and my husband and I were lucky enough to cross her path when that decision was made.

We asked to what she attributed her long life and astonishing good health, and her answer was not surprising. She exercised every day, ate only organic foods, and cooked and consumed the vegetables she grew herself. “You can’t trust what’s in the food these days,” she said simply, and we believed her. Little did she know she’d sold her house to other organics foodies. It must be kismet.

Spring is greening the grass and the daffodils have bloomed around our modest beach home. The vegetable garden behind our little house is almost ready for planting. We can hardly wait to see what grows there. Like the home’s previous owner, we intend to grow organic vegetables, take long walks around the bay, and enjoy our days in the sun. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll live to be 100 too.

LGdaffodils1 copy

Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016

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