Down to Earth Romance

I’ve been furnishing my beach house on a budget, making selective purchases at thrift shops and yard sales to help make my home beautiful, without the guilt or worry about overspending.


I found this adorable accent table at a resale shop for $13. The antique lamp was given to me by a friend, and the shells are items I’ve collected all my life from U.S. beach resorts and tropical destinations. I created this attractive but functional space by adding a bowl and a piece of vintage brain coral.


Seashells make great conversation pieces.


I rescued this signed, one-of-a kind artisan pottery bowl from a non-profit thrift shop for only $2.


Yard sale find for $5. This vase, probably from Home Goods, looks pretty with the wicker furniture and bright blue walls.


Pottery starfish accent piece found at a thrift shop for $2.  I love this.

Do you shop at thrift stores and yard sales? What are some of your best finds? Do share!

Comments on: "Mornings By The Bay: More Thrift Shop Chic" (4)

  1. Adele, we have the same taste in decorating. I too, collect shells, have a lady’s head like your lamp. I flea market every change I get. This week I had three of my grandkids with us a and we found an snowboard and Butch made it into a bench for our grandson’s room. I want to share some picture with you, but my purse got stolen two weeks ago, it had my credit cards, driver’s license, $200.00 cash and my phone!! I need to learn how to use my camera from my new phone before I can send you some pictures. How close to your beach house are you to the water?


    • Hi Lyn! So sorry about your troubles. I hope all will be well.
      I’d love to see your pictures. Do send them when you have a chance.
      My beach house is steps from the water. We can see the bay from our bedroom. ❤


  2. What lovely pieces you got!

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