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I shared in previous Mornings By The Bay posts that I’ve been supplementing my new-to-me beach house furnishings with thrift store finds. Lately, I’ve added  beautiful glassware to my home collection for amazingly low prices. I may never buy new glassware again!


This set of four large Margarita glasses and matching pitcher in perfect condition with blue and red designs cost $7. The pitcher was marked $3 and the glasses were $1 each. I can vouch for the efficiency and easy handling of the Margarita glasses. <g>


At the Sea Glass Festival, I bought shards of colorful sea glass, washed smooth by the ocean ($5). They are displayed with shells in a pottery dish depicting the sky, earth, and sea made by my daughter when she was eight years old. I keep this display on my desk at the beach house.


These stunning long-stemmed tulip glasses cost $1 each. Had to have these.


This set of hand painted wine glasses cost $4. I’m ready to open a cold bottle of Riesling or Chardonnay… or maybe a nice Pino Grigio.

Do you thrift?


Photos property of author Adele Downs 2016.

Comments on: "Mornings By The Bay: On Being Thrifty" (2)

  1. I thrift all the time and have found some amazing glasses and dishes and bowls. Of course my 19 year old daughter rolls her eyes and says its “old lady” stuff but this 48 year young mother absolutely loves each piece I find and of course months down the road she see’s it out and says “oh can I have those glasses when I get my own place” lol and my reply “what my old lady glasses – LOL” – nice pieces you have picked up and a beach house. WOW I am jealous lol 🙂 Enjoy it dear you deserve it. – Tonya


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