Down to Earth Romance

So…I’m learning how to surf fish and loving every minute. I especially like the part where we drive our Jeep onto the beach early in the morning, open the tailgate, set out our chairs, and say hello to the sun and the ocean without having to hand-carry a darned thing. No more trudging chairs, beach bags, an umbrella and cooler through hot sand in our bare feet from the parking lot. Everything we need is inside our vehicle.


The beach is empty early in the morning as far as the eye can see in any direction. My husband and I set up for surf fishing and enjoy miles of beach for two precious hours before others arrive. Pure heaven.

EmptyAMBeach copy

We bait our hooks, cast into the water, and set our poles into sand spikes to wait for a bite. We try different types of bait–squid, blood worms, sand fleas, and bunker. Learning to cast is challenging, but fun. I’ll catch that big blue or flounder or striper one of these days!

EmptyBeachSurfFishing copy

I haven’t caught my first fish yet (don’t laugh!), but I’ve read some great books on the beach this summer and am having a wonderful time. The cost of the surf fishing permit for our Jeep is worth every penny spent. I’m already looking forward to next year.


Want to learn how to surf fish? Here’s an informational site for beginners:

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