Down to Earth Romance

Book bloggers are posting outstanding reviews of LUXURY MODEL WIFE on social media, Amazon, and Goodreads and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Here’s a sample of the reviews, so far:

“Ms. Downs writes with such passion and it comes across in her characters, settings, and dialogue. She knows how to pull a reader in and doesn’t let go.” 5 Stars! ~Harlie’s Books

“Luxury Model Wife is a contemporary romance filled with action, romance and suspense. Once again, Adele has created an amazing love story filled with some amazing and complex characters. It is so good and I could not put it down.” 5 Stars! ~ Girl With Pen

“This is a very good romance between two equals. I liked that very much instead of one being richer or more powerful than the other.” 5 Stars! ~ Cathy Writes Romance

“Adele Downs’ ‘Luxury Model Wife’ is a great read. (She) made me believe in love after loss. This book was so good I couldn’t put it down. 5 Stars!  ~Danielle’s Domain (Kim)


Buy The Book!

LUXURY MODEL WIFE is available at these fine online retailers in both ebook and print formats.


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