Down to Earth Romance

The holidays are just around the corner! HER CHRISTMAS COWBOY is the perfect choice to get you into the holiday spirit. Only .99!

A Lunchbox Romance short story and the standalone sequel to KISSING HER COWBOY. Only .99!

Join Trey and Daisy for their first Christmas together.

“You can’t go wrong with Adele Downs.” ~Will Work For Books

Her Christmas Cowboy_tent cover


“You’re quiet all of a sudden,” Trey said.

Except for the crickets, katydids, footfalls and sounds of horse’s hooves, the country night was still. She must have given him a vibe about the decision weighing on her mind, because Trey was usually comfortable with silence. He freed his arm from hers, rubbed a hand down her spine, and made little circles with his fingertips on the small of her back. The intimate gesture raised goose bumps over her skin, yet warmed her from the inside.

“I’ve been thinking,” she said. “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

The moon had risen, and beneath its glow and the light of a billion stars, Trey’s brow furrowed. “Sounds serious.”

Daisy nodded. “Something I want to run by you.”

Trey pressed his hand more tightly to her back. “Then I want to hear about it. Let’s take care of Big Blue and eat supper. We can relax and talk and then decorate the tree. As it happens, I have something I want to discuss with you too.”


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Kissing Her Cowboy_322X454

See how Trey and Daisy met in their first story KISSING HER COWBOY 

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