Down to Earth Romance

Author Kate Hill is featuring my short story KISSES FROM LILLITH on a fun Halloween Adventure page. Check it out!

 “Adele Downs has presented something fresh and new.” 5 Stars! ~Readers’ Favorite

Here’s a little about the story:


Hunter receives a unique invitation from a relative to attend a Cave Party in a distant Pennsylvania town. Though his relationship with his girlfriend Rosa has been strained and might be heading for a break-up, he invites her to go, hoping for reconciliation. When the young couple arrives for the event, they are greeted by Hunter’s cousin and an odd group of guests who lead them through the chambers of the ancient cave. Once the party begins, Hunter and Rosa realize they’ve made a mistake, but it’s too late. Their fragile bond is tested to its limits when the powers of love and trust become their only weapons against dark forces gathering strength inside the cavern.

“Wow! For a short story, this was a long, thrilling ride.” 5 Stars! ~Will Work For Books

“Kisses From Lillith…has everything you want in a paranormal romance. I found myself on the edge of my seat. Adele Downs…has a way of bringing a story to life…she always leaves you wanting more.” 5 Stars! ~Girl With Pen

Buy The Book for .99!




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