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Mornings By The Bay: Personal Shell Collection #amwriting #WritingCommunity #writerslife #beachlife

Good morning from the beach! A friend of mine found this large, round basket at the Home Goods store, which turned out to be the perfect container for the oversized shells in my collection. They’d been displayed individually throughout my house, but I think showcasing them together creates more impact. There’s a story behind each item in the basket, collected over the course of my life. To name a few:

-The starfish my daughter found as a child, attached to a bulkhead at Gordon’s Pond beach.
-Driftwood my late husband found while we walked along the shoreline in Rehoboth.
-The horn shell I bought from a fisherman on a beach in Jamaica.
-The conch shell I found while exploring The Bahamas.
-Brain coral given to me by my parents decades after their 1960’s Caribbean cruise.

Each item inside the basket is a cherished memory, and I look forward to adding to the collection for years to come. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to display your own collection of personal treasures to beautify your home and brighten your spirit.

Speaking of collections, I finished writing a short story for an anthology scheduled for publication in February 2020. If the story is accepted by the publisher, I’ll be sure to tell you about this exciting project.

Have a great week!

Photo copyright Adele Downs 2019

Mornings By The Bay: Sea Glass Festival

The irony that broken glass is rightly avoided as dangerous trash, but that shards smoothed by the ocean and hunted by beach combers is highly collectible, wasn’t lost on me as I waited in line to enter the Sea Glass Festival in Lewes, Delaware. (Officially called the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival, sponsored by The Lewes Historical Society.)


When I’m not writing romance novels, I’m exploring and taking pictures. The sea glass displays pictured here were made available for educational purposes. However, there were lots of beautiful nautical crafts and natural wonders offered for sale at the event.


Gorgeous examples of sea glass in hard to find colors.


More treasures from the sea.


In order to beat the inevitable traffic jam the event created, I arrived half an hour before the gate opened and was one of the first to step inside this exciting maritime festival, held on the Lewes-Cape May Ferry Terminal grounds, overlooking the lovely Delaware Bay.



A fun conversation piece—a sea glass dress.


The vendors selling driftwood or crafts made with sea glass were especially busy. I bought a combination sea glass/stained glass window ornament for my beach house, shards of sea glass from the Chesapeake Bay to accent my bowl of shells, and a pair of miniature sea glass earrings.

For more information about the festival:

Easy Keepsake Christmas Crafts

The greatest event in my personal life in 2014 was the birth of my first grandchild. He’s the light of my life and the center of his parents’ world, and that’s how it should be. In the spirit of loving the child and celebrating his first Christmas, my daughter created paintings on canvas for her home and mine, using imprints of her infant’s hands and feet. The nose on the reindeer was made with his thumb! We will treasure these keepsakes for many years.

romanxmastree   romansreindeerholiday

I loved the pictures they created so much that I took photographs and added text on Photoshop. The results are digital Christmas cards for my readers, friends, and followers from my family to yours. I hope you like these digital cards, because I made them with you in mind. “)


romansreindeerholiday copy

Perhaps you’d like to create holiday keepsakes like these with your children. Though you can use paper, my daughter bought pre-cut canvas and non-toxic paint from the craft shop. The canvas will last for decades, preserving our memories of baby’s first Christmas.

I greatly appreciate you reading my books and following my blog. Enjoy the holiday season!

Easter Egg Craft



Happy Easter! Hubby and I made a gift for each of our holiday dinner guests. We removed the edible centers of the eggs by poking small holes in the top and bottom of the eggs, and blowing the egg yolks and whites out with straws. After we cleaned and dried the shells, we painted them with egg paint. The display container came from a local candy store, which I filled with paper from our shredder to make Easter grass. I’m not usually crafty, but this project was fun and easy.

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