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1920 Remington Typewriter Thrift Store Find #WritersLife #AmWriting #WritingCommunity #BeachLife #Thrifting #Typewriter

I think most authors romanticize typewriters, though we’re grateful for the convenience of our laptop computers. We imagine our predecessors plodding along until the early morning hours to complete a manuscript by deadline, their fingers smudged with carbon and their trash cans overflowing with balled up paper.

I’ve been scouring second hand shops for years in search of a manual typewriter, and finally struck gold with this 1920 Remington portable with its original cover. At 100 years old, it’s officially an antique. I can only imagine the stories its told.

The typewriter is on display in my office like a piece of sculpture. The ribbon still moves on the ancient roller and all the keys still work. Should I give them a go, just for fun, to see what story unfolds?

Best, Adele

Mornings By The Bay: On Being Thrifty

I shared in previous Mornings By The Bay posts that I’ve been supplementing my new-to-me beach house furnishings with thrift store finds. Lately, I’ve added  beautiful glassware to my home collection for amazingly low prices. I may never buy new glassware again!


This set of four large Margarita glasses and matching pitcher in perfect condition with blue and red designs cost $7. The pitcher was marked $3 and the glasses were $1 each. I can vouch for the efficiency and easy handling of the Margarita glasses. <g>


At the Sea Glass Festival, I bought shards of colorful sea glass, washed smooth by the ocean ($5). They are displayed with shells in a pottery dish depicting the sky, earth, and sea made by my daughter when she was eight years old. I keep this display on my desk at the beach house.


These stunning long-stemmed tulip glasses cost $1 each. Had to have these.


This set of hand painted wine glasses cost $4. I’m ready to open a cold bottle of Riesling or Chardonnay… or maybe a nice Pino Grigio.

Do you thrift?


Photos property of author Adele Downs 2016.

Mornings By The Bay: More Thrift Shop Chic

I’ve been furnishing my beach house on a budget, making selective purchases at thrift shops and yard sales to help make my home beautiful, without the guilt or worry about overspending.


I found this adorable accent table at a resale shop for $13. The antique lamp was given to me by a friend, and the shells are items I’ve collected all my life from U.S. beach resorts and tropical destinations. I created this attractive but functional space by adding a bowl and a piece of vintage brain coral.


Seashells make great conversation pieces.


I rescued this signed, one-of-a kind artisan pottery bowl from a non-profit thrift shop for only $2.


Yard sale find for $5. This vase, probably from Home Goods, looks pretty with the wicker furniture and bright blue walls.


Pottery starfish accent piece found at a thrift shop for $2.  I love this.

Do you shop at thrift stores and yard sales? What are some of your best finds? Do share!

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