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Honoring Independence Day 2018

Thinking of our brave men and women on active duty military service, and our honorable veterans this Independence Day; especially my son serving in the Pacific. We salute you. Semper Paratus.

Proud Mom of a US Coast Guard Recruit @USCG

I don’t often publish personal posts, since I try to keep my blog primarily about my books, but it’s an emotional time at my house, and I want to share this moment. My husband and I said farewell to our son James at Fort Dix, NJ, and watched him swear the oath of service as a US Coast Guard recruit before heading to boot camp. Every parent and spouse in the room became teary-eyed as we watched our loved one lift a hand to take the vow. It’s an experience and an honor I’ll never forget.

I’m excited for my son, and proud, and wish him all the best as he embarks on an adventurous life of service to our country and its citizens. I hope you’ll join me in wishing him well.

Semper Paratus.

The road to Fort Dix as dawn breaks.

The visitor center for vehicle registration, I.D. photo, and entrance pass.

The base entrance.

My son in the US Coast Guard @USCoastGuard @USCG

Proud Mama Moment!

It is my honor and privilege to announce that my son, James, has been approved for service in the US Coast Guard and will be sworn-in January, 2018. His father and I will shed tears of pride that day.

Although his family at home will miss him terribly, we’re proud of his willingness to serve our country and our citizens.

God Bless our Son and God Bless America.

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