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January Beach by Adele Downs #photography #beachlife #writerslife #authorslife

It’s winter at the beach. I live in the southernmost part of Delaware, where the weather is generally milder than neighboring states to the north, but not as warm as those in the US Deep South. It’s 46 degrees here, and dreary, and though the ocean and our beaches are ever present, they seem just out of reach. The best we can do is walk along the shoreline and breathe its briny scent while we wait for spring sunshine and the heat of summer.

Photo copyright Adele Downs 2020

It’s Freezing Cold, Dark, and Gloomy #HappyNewYear2018 #NewYear

It’s dangerously cold here on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast, and even the beach looks dark and gloomy this holiday weekend. Polar Bear Plunge fundraising swims have been cancelled in several beach communities due to concerns about public safety, and a news story reported that sharks are freezing in the frigid waters. I’m blowing the dust off my treadmill to exercise inside, since it’s waaaay too cold to take a walk on the boardwalk or around the park.

I’ll spend New Year’s Eve with Netflix, a cozy fire in the fireplace, and a glass of wine. Have I mentioned that I hate winter?

Stay warm, everyone! Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2018.

Photo copyright Adele Downs, 2017.

Winter Sunset by Adele Downs #photography


This photo of a winter sunset over a bay in Delaware is unretouched and unchanged; shown exactly as nature intended. The only exception is my signature.

Copyright Adele Downs 2017

Good Riddance #Blizzard2016

My family and I are digging out from the blizzard of 2016 in Southeastern Pennsylvania. There’s two feet of snow on the ground, and it will be another day, at least, before life returns to normal. But the sun is out, and we have that all-important heat and electricity to keep us warm and comfortable indoors. We were lucky to have heat and power during the height of the storm, when the wind whipped around our house in fierce gusts, and the roof held against falling limbs. We know others weren’t so lucky. The destruction of property and loss of life this blizzard caused is mind-numbing.


We kept a roaring fire going in the family room fireplace while the snow fell and the wind raged. I spent most of my time reading or watching movies. Then my husband and I spent a couple of hours baking. Though the storm outside was frightening, and we worried about our rural county and the surrounding areas, our creative time in the kitchen comforted us. Our chocolate chip and tart cherry biscotti was a delicious success. “)


The blizzard is over, but winter is not. I hope you are all safe and warm in your homes, that you fared well during the storm, and that spring will arrive on time this year.

Best~ Adele

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