Down to Earth Romance

Review Quotes

“You can’t go wrong with Adele Downs.” ~Will Work For Books


Book Bloggers:

“What an amazing story! Adele Downs nailed it with a unique storyline and unforgettable characters. Jack is a serious hunk, more so because he’s honorable and steadfast. This enthralling read ensures you can’t stop turning the pages till you reach the end!” 5 Stars! ~Phoenix at Reading Alley

“Love doesn’t even describe how much I enjoyed reading Ms. Downs latest.” 5 Stars and a Recommended Read! ~Harlie’s Books

“Adele Downs weaves together a magical love story.” 5 Stars ~Girl With Pen

“This story was perfection. It was just right in every way possible. The characters were interesting, flawed just enough, yet smart and funny. The plot was unique, entertaining, and clever. The writing was witty, well-paced, and insightful. And the sensual scenes sizzled and snapped. But most of all, I like that they bested a recalcitrant ghost.” 5 Stars! ~Rockin’ and Reviewing

“Adele Downs has done it again!” 5 Stars! Cat’s Reviews

“This is an unusual love story, but it works. The writing is imaginative, humorous and touching.” 5 Stars! ~CJ’s Book Corner

“One of a kind story. You’ll enjoy the humor, characters and the unique storyline.” 4.5 Stars! The Book Obsessed Momma

“A lighthearted enjoyable romance.” 4 Stars ~Lanie’s Book Thoughts

Community Reviews:

“Ahhh! Nothin’s better than to settle in with an Adele Downs sweet & sexy romance. And Lip Service is just the latest in a string of heartwarming stories from Ms. Downs.” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“Why isn’t this a movie? Another great story from Adele Downs!” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“I’m already a fan of Adele Downs’ sweet and humorous romance novellas, and I’m a sucker for anything magical and unexplained. So with its quirky cast of characters and only-a-little-bit scary haunted house, Lip Service has become my new favorite of hers.” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“Adele Downs never fails to write stories about men I love.” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“This was an awesome love story and I highly recommend!” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“Adele Downs spins a delightful twisting tale of found love after great loss.” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

“You will love this funny and amazing romance!” 5 Stars ~Amazon Community Reviewer

Lip Service_tent3


Book Bloggers:

“Once again, Adele Downs creates the perfect love story.”  5 Stars! ~Girl With Pen

“Downs’ clever mash-up of Viking elements and contemporary romance (and oh, the hot, hot Viking!) make this novella an absolute winner.” 5 Stars! ~Words, Words, Words

“Ever read a book by an author that you just love without even reading the blurb? Yes, this is that one book. Two reason why I agreed to read it: Adele Downs is the author (LOVE HER) and the cover. Okay and it was about a Viking…sorta.” 5 Harlie’s and a Recommended Read! ~Harlie’s Books

“I loved this story. I could not put it down and it was an easy read. The chemistry between these two is electrifying and has you craving for more. Look forward to seeing what Adele comes out with next.” 5 Stars! ~The Hoarding Readers Corner (Kellie)

“What a great book. …If you want a quick read that doesn’t really feel like it and want to know passion, then go get this book. Take a chance and you won’t be disappointed at all. ~ 5 Stars! ~Kimi’s Medieval Author Interview Blog

“I highly recommend this novel and can’t wait to pick up more novels like this from the author!” 5 Stars! ~Girly Girl Book Reviews

“The sex isn’t super graphic, the romance is sweet but not saccharine, the couple worth hoping for, and the comeuppance for those who deserve it was masterful, but the meat of the story isn’t really about any of those things but the power of a few words and a bit of tenderness on one’s entire point of view. For a light, quick read with some heat, this one is quite good. I’d give it 4 ½ stars, missing a half because I really wanted it to be longer.” ~The Geek Girl Project

“For a novella, this one has it all – a little suspense and action, drama, love and even some humor… Ms. Downs did a really good job of incorporating everything there should be for a story to be entertaining and enjoyable.” 4.5 Stars! ~Cat’s Reviews

“Ms. Adele, you rocked this!”  4 Stars! ~Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock

“Her Immortal Viking was a quick read but I didn’t feel like it was missing anything. The ending was absolutely perfect and definitely left me wanting more. Very well done, Ms. Downs!” 4 Stars! ~Life With Two Boys

“This was a great read!” ~Wanda Loves Books

Community Reviews:

“Adele Downs spins a delightful tale… Penny and Gunnar must both symbolically slay dragons in their different worlds before they can overcome obstacles that would otherwise keep them apart forever.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“I hope there are more Vikings in Ms. Downs’s storytelling soon! This was delicious!” ~ 5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“Ms. Downs has woven a shimmering fairy tale​ for the modern age. A strapping Viking named Gunnar, plays the role of the handsome prince and the ugly trolls lurking under the bridge are ex-boyfriends to be banished once and for all. If you’ve guessed this story is one big luscious bit of fantasy wish fulfillment, you’re absolutely right. Her Immortal Viking is a fabulous read. Descriptive language and vivid detail make this novella feel bigger. I enjoyed Ms. Downs inventive take on Nordic mythology as well. I highly recommend this sensuous and witty read.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“I received an advance copy of Her Immortal Viking, and darn it, now I want a Viking. Not just anyone…I want Gunnar. Author Adele Downs weaves the mystical Viking afterlife world into ordinary life, making Her Immortal Viking fresh and different, with all the wonderful hallmarks of an Adele Downs romance – with a hunky man who loves his woman better than anyone else can…both in AND out of bed. Kudos to Ms. Downs for a wonderful novella!!” ~5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“Her Immortal Viking is a beautiful adult fairytale. …The story carried me away for an evening and I was honestly sad when I finished. …So this is my plea to Adele Downs- more please.” ~5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“This book is fantastic with suspense, action, lots of humor and amazing Romance! It is a must read book! Adele is such a sweet and talented writer.” ~5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely loved this story! We immediately sympathize with Penny – she’s had a tough life, and …her cries for help are answered in the form of Gunnar, a Viking, Light Elf. I want a Light Elf! …Their attraction is so sweet and sensual, this is a story to be savored. As a huge fan of mythology, I really appreciated the consideration and attention Ms. Downs poured into the story. So many layers, along with memorable characters, give the reader a satisfying reading experience. And, best of all, it will make you believe in fairy tales and in wishes coming true.” ~5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“I’ve enjoyed Adele Downs’ stories before, but this one is far and beyond her best.  … I love the chemistry between these two and the tension and high emotion. I hope to see more immortal Vikings in the future.” ~ 5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“Theirs is an enchanting love story that spans a thousand years. I promise it will leave you smiling.” ~ 5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“What a wonderful story! …There is a richness and history to it, with Gunnar’s life in Alfheim executed brilliantly – it totally makes me want more Viking stories. …I loved the way Ms. Downs handled the ending. It can be tricky putting an immortal into the mortal world, but she handled it beautifully. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for more Viking stories.” ~5 Stars! Amazon Reviewer

“The ending was unbelievable…I loved it. I’ve always enjoyed how immortals deal with present day, and Adele did not disappoint. Their relationship was hot and steamy…awesome all the way!!! I highly recommend this to those readers who like a great romance with a twist.” ~ 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

Her Immortal Viking_GunnarPromo

“Adele Downs is a wonderful storyteller.” ~The Snarkology

“I thought Adele did an amazing job with this story and her characters. Adele writes such passion into her characters and you can feel their emotions so deeply. I felt so much a part of this story and I love Daisy and Trey as a couple. They had so much chemistry together. You could just feel they were meant to be together. I highly recommend you read this book. It a nice romantic Christmas read and you will fall in love with the characters. I am looking forward to reading more books by Adele. She is an amazing writer.” 5 Stars! ~Girl With Pen

“What’s better than a mouth watering cover? A genuine good read. A sequel to Kissing her Cowboy. But can be read as a stand alone. It filled the need for more ( for now ). Well written with emotion and humor. You’ll just fall in love with these characters. I just can’t put this authors books down for long. A joy to follow! For those Big Blue fans, there’s a surprise!” 5 Stars! ~Will Work For Books

“Adele Downs is a wonderful storyteller. I always enjoy her contemporary romances, and HER CHRISTMAS COWBOY was a delightful short read. Heroine Daisy and hero Trey are well-developed characters with real life scars (emotional and physical)…The story was artfully written… Kudos.” 4 Stars! ~The Snarkology

“You know what makes me smile?  Reading a great follow up to book that I loved.  I know that we, as readers, always want some more of our favorite characters.  Epilogues are fine; personally I love them but when an author writes a complete story about our favorite characters, I’m in love.  Ms. Downs has written a great follow up with Trey and Daisy.  You don’t have to read their first story to get into this one.  But why wouldn’t you?  I loved Trey and Daisy the first time but with this one, my heart sang.  While the story in the first book was a bit sad and at times I didn’t think they would ever work out, they did… Ms. Downs writes a complete story.  I loved Trey and Daisy.  And I see a story with Trey’s brother and Daisy’s sister in the making.  Great chemistry between those two.”  5 Harlies and a Recommended Read! ~Harlies’ Books


Community Reviews:

“This was a great sequel. I absolutely adore Trey. And frankly, I’m a little miffed that he’s only a character and not A REAL GUY!!! Since Trey and Daisy are already a couple, there’s a lack of the initial awkward sweetness that all couples must endure, and in its place is a firmer and love-based bond . . . But since this isn’t a fantasy-land kind of story, Trey and Daisy have to overcome some pretty realistic obstacles–like her struggle to make a decision that could end TRAISY! I, declare! I loved Trey even more this time around, but Daisy sure did make me frustrated a few times. Spoiler alert: Thank goodness for happy endings! This is a great anytime read (not just Christmas!). Well done again, Ms. Downs!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Trey and Daisy’s story is a heart-warming romance that you will want to read again and again. You don’t have to start off by reading Kissing Her Cowboy, where their story begins, you can read this one first, but I promise, you do not want to miss out on that book! A policewoman and a cowboy, wounded characters who help each other heal, who find love in each other arms, this is definitely a heart-sighing, satisfying read. I’d recommend reading Kissing Her Cowboy and then going right into Her Christmas Cowboy. This author crafts emotion so well, the reader is feeling every single thing the characters are going through…talk about a great reading experience! This may be a Christmas story, but it’s a perfect read for any season of the year.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Adele Downs packs a whole lot of heart into this delightful,one sitting read. Though I’m a big fan of Boroughs Publishing Group’s “Lunchbox Romance” line, I somehow missed Kissing Her Cowboy, Trey and Daisy’s first story. No worries though! Her Christmas Cowboy is written to stand on its own, and does so beautifully.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Adele Downs mixes all kinds of sweet emotion with struggling characters to cook up a holiday feast. Her love scenes hit you in the gut and make you keep turning the pages. It’s a short but sweet story. A nice way to spend a bit of time someplace warm and cozy for the holidays.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Oh, how I love a good holiday story! Add a cowboy and wild horses can’t keep me away. I loved Trey and Daisy and had hoped that Ms. Downs would continue their story after first meeting them in Kissing Her Cowboy. The author writes real people with a depth of believable emotion that puts you in the heart of the story from the very beginning. Short and sweet, Her Christmas Cowboy was the perfect story to kick off my holiday reading!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Adele Downs did it again. It’s a story about a city policewoman who is struggling to find where she belongs and the cowboy who steals her heart. Adele creates characters that come alive on the page and find a love that is worth rooting for. This story is sweet and powerful.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer



“Once again, Downs delivers. Brava!” ~Words, Words, Words

Book Bloggers:

“Loved this book. I found it very enjoyable to read.”  5 Stars! ~Long and Short Reviews

“I had to read in one sitting because I didn’t want to let go.” ~BeanieBrainReader

“I loved it! From the start up to the last, there’s no dull moment. Ms. Adele did an amazing job in making this book interesting and nice to read.” 5 Stars! ~Ms.Me28

“This little book took me by surprise. In just a short amount of words, I found myself connected to Mickey. He’s a paramedic, saving people’s lives on a daily basis. About half way through, you find out that he not only is a paramedic, he does many ‘knight in shining armor’ type things outside of work hours, which made me like him even more. Amanda is not timid by any means. She boldly puts Mickey in his place more than once. I like her spunk. I read this wonderful book in one sitting and I enjoyed every word.” 5 Stars! ~Jodie’s W.I.N.E List

“Another well written story by Adele Downs. Hero worship and the connection you likely would only feel once in a lifetime or ten, when you read this authors books. She has a way with words and places you right in the center of it all. True emotion, situations and a kind and giving heart with a cast of characters you will fall in love with. Well done, I loved it.” 5 Stars! ~ Will Work For Books

“This is a short story but it packs a punch. I absolutely loved it! It is a well written and a deeply touching story of learning to forgive yourself and finding love. There were parts when I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. If you are looking for a quick feel good story this is it. I highly recommend it. Once you start reading you won’t want to put it down until you are done.” 5 Stars! ~That Crazy Book Chick

“…The novella’s use of food as both a metaphor and a method of connection…works beautifully. The EMT and the master chef who can save him create a beautiful and heart-wrenching story together that explores the value of forgiving oneself and connecting with another. Ultimately, Naturally Yours offers exactly what I come to an Adele Downs story to gain: a strong story with a wonderful couple and a satisfying ending. Once again, Downs delivers. Brava!” ~Words, Words, Words

“I have to say for a short novella this story packs almost everything a full novel would. It is not many that you can read and find it fulfilled with all the characteristics and plot that in my opinion to get a great review is needed with such a small amount of pages. The plot was very entertaining and kept my attention until the very last page… It was thorough and filled with lots of emotions… This is one that is great for an afternoon read!” ~GirlyGirl Book Reviews

“Naturally Yours is a sweet emotion laden tale…Wonderful emotions came through in this tale. The interactions of all the characters each brought life to Naturally Yours. An enjoyable tale to read and empathize with. Who will save a man who saves the world, indeed.” 4 Stars! ~Smile Somebody Love You

“Ms. Downs sure knows how to pull a reader into her stories. I will have to say again…for a novella it reads like a full length book. She puts so much into her characters and pays attention to the little things…  This is an emotional read that will tug at your heart but also make your realize that sometimes real acceptance comes in all forms… I fell in love with Amanda and Mickey from the first page.” 5 Harlies and a Recommended Read! ~Harlie’s Book Blog


Community Reviews:

“WOW! Adele Downs has cooked up an emotionally, powerful story that pulls you in faster than a hurricane’s vortex. … Is love at first sight possible? Ms. Downs proves the answer to that question is a definitive, YES! Don’t miss out on this heartfelt, powerful, emotional FANTASTIC read! Ms. Downs is without a doubt a creative master of writing. And this novella, Naturally Yours, is one of her best! LOVED IT!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Review

“Naturally Yours” is a love story written the way you would want romance to happen in real life. The story is only 98 pages but feels big and rich. Kudos to Ms. Downs for writing something so lovely.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely LOVE this book!! The story is fast-paced and sure to tug at your heartstrings, with a hero every woman can fall in love with and a heroine who is extremely likable. Be forewarned – once you start reading, you won’t want to stop. Adele Downs writes beautifully and she has a gift of crafting characters to cheer for. Ms. Downs sprinkles the perfect amount of humor and “aww” moments into the narrative. Not only is NATURALLY YOURS a wonderful love story, it’s also about forgiveness, acceptance, and connection…three important components a person needs before they can find happiness.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“The excitement starts on the very first page and never lets up. Be ready for an intense, emotional whirlwind that tugs at every heartstring while you root for this damaged hero, Mickey, as he tries to save others’ lives every day. Adele Downs has packed a feast of emotion into this book that’s as deeply satisfying as one of her heroine Amanda’s organic gourmet dinners. Terrific read!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“I couldn’t put this book down. I was rooting for Mickey Kendall to be able to leave his tortured past behind so he didn’t miss out on the very special connection he forms with Amanda Greer. Adele Downs has created magic with this heartwarming romance about two people getting past the blows that life has dealt them. Spicy and sweet, this story is as delicious as the organic recipe’s that Amanda whips up in her restaurant kitchen!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Mickey and Amanda’s story is the perfect read! Definitely check out this heart-warming romance! Their chemistry is perfect, the characters are so real, everything about this story draws the reader in. Definitely check out this heart-warming romance!” 5 Stars! ~Goodreads Review

“This is such a touching story! … after reading this book I should have a very clean heart, and a very healthy soul with as much crying and laughing I did while reading this book! It was such an amazing book! The story line is incredible, and the characters are awesome… You will so love this touching love story. And this book shows what a fantastic writer Adele Downs is!” 5 Stars! ~Goodreads Review

“Adele is a master at showing the behind the scenes of a firehouse, a restaurant, and even a ranch (check out her Cowboy stories!).” 5 Stars! ~Goodreads Review

“Adele Downs has crafted a heartwarming romance about two people to whom fate has not been kind. Spicy and sweet, Naturally Yours is as delicious as the organic recipe’s that Amanda Greer whips up in her restaurant kitchen!” 5 Stars! ~Goodreads Review

“Another winner by Adele Downs! I can always count on Ms. Downs to deliver a sexy hero and a strong heroine in a humorous and heartwarming read. I have a soft spot for veterans, and this book delivered. Thank you for another winner, Adele!” 5 Stars! Goodreads Review


KISSING HER COWBOY Reviews: An Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Western, Western Romance, and Top 100 Short Romance!

Book Bloggers:

“Downs does a particularly good job of subtly changing the language to match each character’s viewpoint, thus offering insight into their desires and motivations, while also offering just enough heat…I look forward to reading more from Downs!” 5 Hearts! ~Words, Words, Words

“This sweet and sexy short story is part of the Lunchbox Romance line, and at 32 pages it makes a nice break from your usual desk salad routine.” 5 Stars! ~Philadelphia

“I enjoyed the scenarios and the plot of the story. This is a humorous, sweet and heartfelt read. Putting her trust in Trey and Big Blue will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Prop your boots up on the post and enjoy this read!!  You can’t go wrong with Adele Downs.” 5 Stars! ~Will Work for Books

“I really enjoyed this easy and fun read.” 5 Stars! ~The Pen and Muse

“Downs does a good job hooking you in to these two characters… If you are looking for a cute quick read, Kissing Her Cowboy makes for a great choice.” 4 Stars! ~So Many Reads..So Little Time

“Ms. Downs is one of those writers that can take a short story and make you feel like you’ve read a 300 page book. Yes, her writing is that good. The pacing, the plot and the characterizations are top notch and she doesn’t skimp on the details either. She can say in one sentence what some authors do in a paragraph… While this story is short, its not short on emotion and heart. Loved it and so will you.” 5 Harlies! ~ Harlie’s Books


Community Reviews:

“I’ve always been a sucker for a good cowboy story–and this short story had me hooked in the first few pages! There are so many small touches in this story that warmed my heart (sweet tea…sweet lips…). I fell in love with Trey easily, and learning about both his and Daisy’s background stories…gave this book incredible depth that is typically very rare in a story this short. Overall, fantastic and sweet love story!” 5 Stars! ~ Amazon Reviewer

“Adele Downs is an amazing writer who knows how to write a wonderful Romance!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Whatever length or sub-genre Adele Downs chooses to write, I know I’m in for a wonderful read. Satisfying short stories are difficult to craft. I’m in awe of Adele’s ability to take what would otherwise be a little story and breathe life into it far beyond its length. Life and emotion abound in this emotional tale of new beginnings, learning to take chances, and making a leap of faith that this time, it will be worth risking your heart on a stranger. KISSING HER COWBOY is a perfect feel-good read for a lunch break or when you don’t want to spend hours finishing a novel.”5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Kissing Her Cowboy is fun and heartfelt imbued with genuine human emotion. The characters are layered with deep-set pain and weaknesses to overcome, but possess the strength and understanding it takes to heal and even love. Ms. Downs doesn’t lack for talent. Her characters ease off the page with the familiar charm of friends. Do yourself a favor and sit a spell with this hunky cowboy and his spirited woman. You’ll enjoy the ride.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Adele Downs has crafted a lovely story with resilient characters who are determined to handle whatever life throws at them. Their very human reactions when it comes to their fears and desires make them believable, well-rounded characters. This author is one I intend to follow.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“This short read is a perfect romance with an “ahh” ending that leaves you imagining a future for these two wounded characters who are ready to heal. So much heart was packed into this story!!” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“Human frailties play to human need in this satisfying short story/novella. Romantic without being mushy, sensual without being graphic. Downs skillfully balances the pasts of both hero and heroine, making both believable.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer

“I liked the Authors writing style and loved the way she used Big Blue (horse) in the story. If you have a spare hour in-between books and love Cowboys with a sprinkle of romance then give this book a go.” 4 Stars! ~Amazon Reviewer


News! SANTA TO THE RESCUE is the 2013 Reader’s Choice Award Runner Up at Love Romances Cafe. Firefighter hero Jamey Tucker took second place in the Best Man in Uniform category!


Book Bloggers:

“That first flush of ‘this could be love’ makes for a wonderfully sweet read. I need to see what else this author has written!” 5 Stars! ~ First Page To The Last

“[Adele] Downs’ Santa to the Rescue is a beautifully written, heartwarming tale of love during the holidays… Those who love romance added with the magic of the holidays will enjoy this read!” ~ 5 Stars! ~The Pen and Muse

“This festive romance novella is the perfect read to lift your holiday spirits.”~ 5 Stars! Philadelphia Women’s Fiction Editor

“Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!” 5 Stars! ~ Cat’s Reviews

“Really puts you in the Christmas spirit! Loved it! I give it 5 stars! ” ~ Curling Up With A Good Book

“Santa to the Rescue is the perfect kickoff to the season of celebration.” ~ Romantic Reads and Such

“Happy Holiday Gift for your e-reader friends!” ~ Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust

“If you’re looking for a fun holiday novella, I’d definitely recommend checking out Santa to the Rescue by Adele Downs.” 4 Stars! ~Life With Boys

“Santa to the Rescue kicked off my holiday reading spree on a positive note.” ~Manga Maniac Cafe

“I loved it and so will you!” ~ 5 Harlies and a Recommended Read! ~ Harlie’s Books

“A great way to get into the holiday spirit.” ~ The Reading Addict

“I enjoyed reading it and let my casserole nearly burn — I guess I got absorbed in it.” ~ Fangs, Wands, and Fairy Dust

“Perfect quick read to put you in the holiday mood.”~ Musings From an Addicted Reader

“[Adele] Downs does a great job of packing a full-fledged romance into such a tiny package, giving readers an uplifting story…”  ~Romantic Reads and Such

“Santa to the Rescue is a feel-good story that will fill you with romance and holiday spirit.” ~Sapphyria’s Book Reviews

“A delicious quick read…” ~The Reading Addict

“Five Hearts!” ~ Words, Words, Words

“Ms. Downs’ writing is smooth, seamless, and engaging…Santa To The Rescue is one of those magical Christmas stories that bring a smile to your face, and a warmth to your heart.” 5 Stars! ~ The Snarkology

Community Reviews:

“The one-dimensional holiday specials on the Hallmark channel should take a lesson from Adele Downs. In this novella, she developed believable, emotional characters that keep you turning the page and leave you satisfied.” 5 Stars! ~ Amazon reviewer

“Adele Downs has given readers a very complete story here, difficult to do in novella format. Her characters are fully dimensional and her settings well drawn, The pacing is even and the story well plotted. I will look for more from Ms. Downs.”  5 Stars! ~Amazon reviewer

“This short novella is a joy to read. You will find yourself not wanting to put it down. Forget the phone, dinner may be a little late because you will want to read Santa to the Rescue to the exclusion of all else.” 5 Stars! ~Amazon reviewer


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