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Old Ornament, New Ornament that Shines

Feeling especially sentimental about the holidays this year…

and a little boy is the most important reason why:


Our grand toddler broke an ornament on our Christmas tree during a recent visit, but since it was plastic and not glass, I wasn’t concerned for his safety. We placed only (theoretical) unbreakables on the bottom half of the tree, with him in mind. Paper, cardboard, plastic.

Turned out the broken item was the first Christmas ornament I gave my husband when we were dating–almost 30 years ago. Grand toddler has good taste–I understand why he liked that particular ornament. It was a molded vehicle with big, cool looking wheels. Clearly, he wanted to play with it. But the ornament was old, and more fragile than I’d thought, and collapsed in his tiny hands.

My husband and I looked down at the ornament we’d hung for three decades, carefully wrapped each year in its box to save for the next. “Should I try to glue it back together?” I asked. Without missing a beat, we looked at one another and shook our heads. The ornament symbolized the beginning of our relationship, but our first grandchild marks the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in our lives. We are sentimental about our past, but excited about our future, and the future of our growing family. The ornament we rehung with special pride this year, and will display for years to come, says, “Grandson’s First Christmas.”

A Grandmom This Spring!

Spring has officially arrived! I’m anxious to restart my trail walks, eat lunch outside in the sunshine, and enjoy the scent of flowers. Winter in Pennsylvania brought over 60 total inches of snow that largely kept me indoors. Fortunately, I write inside my home office, and was able to complete two new novellas during the coldest months. Promotion for my short story KISSING HER COWBOY kept me busy between my hours of writing.

I’m very happy to announce that Boroughs Publishing Group contracted NATURALLY YOURS. The tagline is: Who will save the man that saves the world? It’s about a war-weary paramedic who must save himself to claim the woman who reignites his passion for living and revives his wounded heart. The cover art department and my editor are whipping the book into shape for mid-2014 release. NATURALLY YOURS will sell for $2.99. I’ll post more information as it becomes available. I hope my readers love this story as much as I do.

Another highly anticipated spring event is the birth of my first grandchild! Grandbaby boy is due May 18, 2014. The doctor says he and my daughter are perfectly healthy, which is the best possible news. When I wasn’t snowed-in this winter, I spent free time shopping for baby things and planning all the wonderful ways I intend to spoil him. One of the first things on my to-buy list after he’s born is a stroller. I want to take him along all the beautiful walking trails of Pennsylvania on the days I babysit. Here’s a picture of my grandbaby at 22 weeks. His head and features are fully formed. Isn’t technology amazing?

Happy Spring!



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