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Colonial Era Log Cabin–Downingtown’s Treasure

DtownLogCabin1 (2) copy

Happy Independence Day, America!

One of the treasures of Downingtown, PA, the oldest town in Chester County, is the circa 1701 log house faithfully preserved by the borough. The Downingtown Log House opens to the public a few times a year–usually on Memorial Day, July 4, and at Christmas to allow visitors a glimpse of life during the Colonial era. Also pictured is a docent dressed in period costume.

CabinFrontwsign1701 copy

The structure is preserved with historically accurate whitewash typical of that period. The doors and windows of the cabin were cut small to keep the heat inside for the family that lived there. Pennsylvania winters can be bitterly cold.

DtownLogCabin1 (7) copy

The log cabin’s centerpiece–the enormous walk-in fireplace used for cooking and heating.

DtownLogCabin1 (9) copy

The far corner of the main level.

DtownLogCabin1 (24) copy

Bottles, dishes, and pots from the 1700’s and 1800’s.

DtownLogCabin1 (5) copy

Pottery from the era.

DtownLogCabin1 (16) copy

Items found in and around the cabin’s foundation. The log house was moved to higher ground in 1988 from its original location by a stream when floodwaters threatened to destroy the structure.

DtownLogCabin1 (20) copy

The original floor and the walls of a second floor bedroom as they looked in 1701.

DtownLogCabin1 (29) copy

Another bedroom on the cabin’s second floor. There is a weight limit on the upstairs level, due to the age of the wood flooring. After stooping to climb a steep, low, narrow, and sharply angled set of stairs, four of us stood on the top floor, each taking a different area so as not to stress the boards.

LogCabin1 (28)

The original wood flooring and wall beams circa 1701.

DtownLogCabin1 (12) copy

Copy of the petition by Thomas Moore for a tavern license, 1717.


I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at the Downingtown Log House and recommend visiting this piece of American history.

For more information: Log House


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