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Her Immortal Viking, Award Of Excellence Finalist!

HER IMMORTAL VIKING, a contemporary fantasy romance novella, is an Award of Excellence Finalist. Many thanks to the Colorado Romance Writers and the contest judges for this honor. I’m thrilled.


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Viking Warrior. Immortal Slave. Freed by Love.

A Viking cast into eternal servitude by an angry god is transported to the modern world, but to claim the love of the mortal who called him, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name across the divide of a thousand years.


Divine intervention. That’s all Penny asks. Freedom from overwork and mountainous debt. She sings songs of praise, chants like a yogi, and rubs her belly like Buddha until the crystal charm on her navel shimmers, all hoping to draw the attention of someone—anyone—“up there.”

In the west, beyond the seas, from the place between Heaven and Earth, an immortal hears Penny’s cries. Once a renowned Viking warrior, Gunnar has been cast into eternal servitude by an angry god. Now, while Penny sleeps, he comes to Earth to grant her wishes. But Penny is about to wake up, and so is every desire she’s ever known. To claim their fairy-tale ending, Gunnar must find a way to clear his name. Not only must his sword arm and courage stay strong, but their powerful love must cross the divide of a thousand years.


He smoothed her hair and rubbed a thick tendril between his thumb and forefinger. “I am Gunnar.” He pronounced the name Goo-nar.

An emblem of the sun, surrounded by a circle, had been branded on the back of his powerful hand. Penny touched the scar while he held a length of her hair, recognizing Freyr’s sacred insignia from her textbooks. “The pain must have been excruciating.” Without thinking, she lifted the old wound to her mouth and laid kisses along its perimeter before pressing a kiss to the icon inside.

Tremors vibrated across her lips when they touched the ancient symbol and her body tingled with the contact. The brand grew warm and then hot against her mouth, though it did not burn. She ran her tongue over the thick scars to erase the heat, and then licked the center, finishing with a tiny swirl.

Gunnar’s gasp of surprise was the last thing she expected when she lifted her head. He released her hair and drew away.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. Have I offended you?” She’d always been popular with men, and comfortable around them, but her behavior with Gunnar was bold, even for her. She sat up. “Am I under some kind of spell?”

Gunnar shook his head. “I used my powers to heal you, but your free will remains intact.”

She searched his face for clues about what to do next, because desire shone behind the wary expression in his eyes. Something else shone there, too. Gratitude. Penny waited for Gunnar’s reply without letting go of his disfigured hand.

He said, “Kindness isn’t something I’m used to finding. Perhaps you’d be less inclined toward compassion if you knew what I’d done to deserve this brand of servitude.”

She reached out and draped an arm around his neck to bring him closer. Their gazes locked and held. Gunnar’s eyes were like pools of ice blue water that pulled her in and down.

Her breathing slowed while the sound of her heartbeat rushed blood through her ears. “I am Penelope. And if you’re from Alfheim, I know who and what you are. I just don’t understand why you’re here.” How could she deserve his rare, benevolent gifts? She was just an ordinary woman from an ordinary town, barely scraping by.

His warm breath grazed her cheek in shallow rushes, lifting goose bumps across her skin. His wide, firm mouth smelled of sweet ground parsley and fresh-picked mint. “Sometimes we get what we need, simply because we ask. That’s the beauty and power of the unexpected.”

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HER IMMORTAL VIKING Gets More Great Reviews

Her Immortal Viking_cover

For authors, great reviews are like fuel to an engine. I’m thankful to have received two wonderful new reviews for HER IMMORTAL VIKING, a fun fantasy romance novella based on Norse mythology, that was a joy to write. Many thanks to The Geek Girl Project and Cat’s Meow Reviews for asking to read my story. The links to their reviews are posted below.

The Geek Girl Project

Cat’s Meow Reviews


Contest Winners! HER IMMORTAL VIKING Book Tour

Contest Winners! Contest Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who followed HER IMMORTAL VIKING during the book blog tour and got the word out through tweets, Google Plus, and Facebook shares. Your enthusiasm for the story is greatly appreciated. If you picked up a copy, read the book, and enjoyed it, I’d also be grateful for your review on Amazon and Goodreads. Don’t have your copy yet? HER IMMORTAL VIKING is available at all major ebook retailers.

Her Immortal Viking - Tour Banner

Rafflecopter selected the following people for contest prizes. I will contact each winner individually via email. Thank you again for your participation! I hope you enjoy your gifts.


$10 Starbucks Gift Card

  • Winner – Deb P
Kindle gift copies of NATURALLY YOURS by Adele Downs
  • Winner – Alan S
  • Winner – Kellie C-S
  • Winner – Juana E

Kindle gift copies of KISSING HER COWBOY by Adele Downs

  • Winner – Melissa C
  • Winner – Gabrielle C
  • Winner – Heather T

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HER IMMORTAL VIKING Tour, Reviews, Giveaways!

HER IMMORTAL VIKING blog tour wraps up this week with multiple reviews and many opportunities to win prizes via Rafflecopter.

Visit the following blog hosts and enter to win a free Starbucks gift card or copies of NATURALLY YOURS or KISSING HER COWBOY by Adele Downs. You can also buy your copy of HER IMMORTAL VIKING from any of the digital book retailers listed below.


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