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LIP SERVICE Special Offer at Choosy Bookworm

Special LIMITED Offer for my Down To Earth Romance blog Subscribers

*FREE* copy of my new release LIP SERVICE in exchange for your honest review on Amazon within two weeks. Only 25 copies available. Sign up now!

I’m offering this unadvertised special to my blog subscribers as my way of saying thank you for your support, and to give those of you who have not read my books the opportunity to do so, risk-free.

The only condition to accepting a free copy of LIP SERVICE is that you agree to post your review to Amazon (and Goodreads please) within two weeks of acceptance of the book. LIP SERVICE is offered as a Choosy Bookworm Read and Review feature.

Lip Service_tent3

To claim your totally *FREE* copy of LIP SERVICE and agree to read and review the book within two weeks on Amazon (and Goodreads please), sign up at Choosy Bookworm. By signing up at Choosy Bookworm, you agree to the conditions of the Read and Review Program. Free and easy. Here’s the link:


Thank you for being a subscriber to Down To Earth Romance. I hope you enjoy LIP SERVICE.


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