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Welcome, fall, my second favorite time of year. The air is cooler, the colors are vibrant, and some of our best holidays take place in autumn. What’s not to love?

Sunrise on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. During my summer vacation I took sunrise photos almost every morning on the beach and was amazed at the uniqueness of each daybreak. The following unretouched photographs seemed like an appropriate welcome to the new season. I hope you enjoy them.


SunriseRB1 copy

SunriseRB2 copy

SunriseRB3 copySunriseRB4 copy

SunriseRB5 copy


Summer is my favorite time of year and I’m always sad to see it go. I was lucky to have captured a particularly beautiful sunset while on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and thought the pictures were an appropriate farewell to my favorite season.

All five of these unretouched photographs were taken within minutes of each other, but from different perspectives. Some were taken from my balcony overlooking the ocean. The others were taken from my balcony outside the front door. A few steps within a time span of only 20 minutes created totally different visions of the sky. A year can be like that too. Each day might be different, but is part of the whole of our lives.

Until next year, summer.



SunsetinRehoboth2SunsetinRehoboth1 SunsetinRehoboth3 SunsetinRehoboth4

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