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Santa’s House on The Boardwalk – #Christmas #ChristmasSpirit

I took these pictures of Santa’s House on the Rehoboth, Delaware boardwalk, where children visit Santa every weekend from Thanksgiving ’til Christmas. My three-year old grandson is just beginning to grasp the concept of Santa Claus, especially the part about him bringing toys to good children, and his excitement has filled me with Christmas spirit. There’s nothing like having a small child around to better appreciate the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Sunrise on Rehoboth Beach

Just got back from a week’s vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I don’t know how hubby and I managed to book the only week of the summer with a seven-day stretch of sunshine, but we did. I feel like we hit the vacation lottery. The expression, “If you’re lucky enough to visit the beach; you’re lucky enough” should include the addendum, “especially if you have perfect weather.” I’m still in awe of our good fortune.

I took hundreds of photographs during our stay in Delaware and will post many of them as time allows. The edits for my October 7, 2014 release NATURALLY YOURS take priority. I’ll post a cover reveal of the book soon. I have lots more publishing news to share, so stay tuned!

Here is one of the photographs I took on the beach at sunrise with my little Fuji digital camera. This original photo is unretouched and uploaded exactly the way it appears in my card file. I hope it starts your week off right.


September Sunrise on Rehoboth Beach.

September Sunrise on Rehoboth Beach.

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