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Firefighter: Ready To Roll

In my previous post, Firefighter: Ready For Duty (1/5/16), I mentioned that my husband and I attend an annual country music festival called the Old Fiddler’s Picnic. In addition to the music, we enjoy strolling around the grounds to check out the car show, crafts merchants, and food vendors.

During one of our visits, the fire chief gave me permission to take pictures of the fire trucks and ambulance parked on the sideline, where firefighters stood by in case of an emergency. I’d never seen firefighting equipment up close, and appreciated the opportunity. The photos have been useful visual tools while writing my romance novels featuring firehouse heroes.








Part One–Firefighter: Ready For Duty posted 1/5/16

Firefighter and paramedic heroes are featured in HOOK ME UP, SANTA TO THE RESCUE and NATURALLY YOURS by Adele Downs.  INTO THE FLAMES firefighter anthology is On Sale! Available now on Amazon!

Hook-Me-Up    SantaToTheRescueBlissCover  Naturally Yours IntoTheFlamesFlatCover_SalePrice

Photos copyright Adele Downs

Firefighter: Ready for Duty

My husband and I attend the Old Fiddler’s Picnic in Pennsylvania’s Hibernia Park almost every year to enjoy a day of live country and bluegrass music. While the guitars and banjos play, antique and classic car collectors showcase their automobiles, vendors sell crafts and homemade snacks, tours of the Colonial era Hibernia mansion take place, and the fire department stands by in case of an emergency.

Since my published romance novellas Hook Me Up, Naturally Yours, and Santa To The Rescue feature firefighter and paramedic heroes, I asked permission to take pictures for research purposes of the firefighting equipment and trucks parked on the festival sideline. The captain graciously said yes, and then one of the firefighters offered to show me how turnouts are worn. (Turnouts: fireproof jacket, and fireproof pants with suspenders and boots attached.)

I must admit, I’ve never been so interested in watching a man put clothes on, though the firefighter dressed so quickly my camera and I could hardly keep up. Lol.


Here’s how a firefighter dresses for duty, step by step:

firefighterturnoutsigned copy

The turnout all-in-one bottoms with suspenders and boots attached.


The firefighter steps into the turnouts within seconds.

firefightercoatsigned copy

The turnout coat.



The firefighter slips on the turnout coat.


Velcro closures make for fast work.



The firefighter grabs his helmet and is ready for action.


Part Two–Firefighter: Ready To Roll 1/6/16


Photos copyright Adele Downs

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