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Water Lillies by Adele Downs #photography

Copyright Adele Downs 2017

Colonial Log House Celebrates Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, America!

DtownLogCabin1 (2) copy

DtownLogCabin1 (32) copy

This circa 1700 Colonial era log house, still preserved today in Downingtown, Pennsylvania by the Historical Commission, is open to visitors on July Fourth each year during the Good Neighbor Day holiday celebration.

Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016-17

Silent Night by Adele Downs #Foto_Friday


Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016

Perfect Orchids by Adele Downs #Foto_Friday


Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016

Pink Pop by Adele Downs #Foto_Friday


Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016

Ancient Tree by Adele Downs #Foto_Friday


Photo copyright Adele Downs 2016

On Veterans Day- A Trip To The American Helicopter Museum

On Veterans Day, I’m thinking of those who have served our country, and sending my heartfelt thanks for their sacrifice. Almost all of the men in my family have served in either the Navy or the Marines and I appreciate each one of them for keeping our nation safe.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d share some of my photos of vintage military aircraft from the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful museum if you visit southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s located about a mile from QVC headquarters and worth the trip.




AHMNavyvesselsigned copy




Thank you for your service.



Photos copyright Adele Downs

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