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Happy 85th Birthday, Nancy Drew! 


Did you read Nancy Drew mysteries as a girl? Or the Hardy Boys when you were a boy? I loved the Nancy Drew series and devoured them as an adolescent and young teen. My favorite was The Witch Tree Symbol. I liked the paranormal woo-woo overtones of the title and full-color cover, though the story turned out to be as sensible as Nancy’s sleuthing shoes. Still, I kept that book in my collection well into adulthood.

The Secret of The Old Clock was the first Nancy Drew mystery published in 1930. This original copy belonged to my mother. Notice the detailed illustration. Her copy is fragile and the pages are very brown, but this book is a treasure. I gave my copies of Nancy Drew away years ago, but have kept my mother’s in a place of honor on my bookshelf.




Happy 85th Birthday, Nancy Drew!

Thank you for fueling my lifelong love of reading and writing.


Comments on: "My Mother’s Original 1930 Copy of Nancy Drew" (4)

  1. I love the fact you kept a book of your mother’s. So many people just don’t read. I have a picture of my Dad asleep with a book on his abdomen– I treasure it as he supported me to read as a child!!

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    • Thank you, Lisa. I also kept my mother’s edition of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and one of my father’s Zane Grey books. As a child, our family read together every night. We watched TV, too, but books were a big part of our life. I agree with you that it’s sad when people don’t read. Books are wonderful. I’m glad your father gave the gift of reading to you.

      I appreciate your comment.



  2. Love Nancy Drew so much! I also have a first edition of Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew and a few of the others as well. Just think. Maybe someday one of our books will still be read after we are gone. Wouldn’t that be fabulous!

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