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KISSING HER COWBOY is a Lunchbox Romance short story from Boroughs Publishing. Multiple 5 Star Reviews!



Viking Warrior. Immortal Slave. Freed by Love.

News! I’m happy to announce another sale to Boroughs Publishing Group.

My editor has made a contract offer for HER IMMORTAL VIKING, an original contemporary fairy tale based on Norse Mythology. Est. late 2014 publication after the release of NATURALLY YOURS mid-2014. I can hardly wait to share these stories with my readers! More info coming soon.

KISSING HER COWBOY is an Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Short Romance and Top 100 Best-Selling Western!

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If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, why wait?

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Kissing Her Cowboy

Spring has officially arrived! I’m anxious to restart my trail walks, eat lunch outside in the sunshine, and enjoy the scent of flowers. Winter in Pennsylvania brought over 60 total inches of snow that largely kept me indoors. Fortunately, I write inside my home office, and was able to complete two new novellas during the coldest months. Promotion for my short story KISSING HER COWBOY kept me busy between my hours of writing.

I’m very happy to announce that Boroughs Publishing Group contracted NATURALLY YOURS. The tagline is: Who will save the man that saves the world? It’s about a war-weary paramedic who must save himself to claim the woman who reignites his passion for living and revives his wounded heart. The cover art department and my editor are whipping the book into shape for mid-2014 release. NATURALLY YOURS will sell for $2.99. I’ll post more information as it becomes available. I hope my readers love this story as much as I do.

Another highly anticipated spring event is the birth of my first grandchild! Grandbaby boy is due May 18, 2014. The doctor says he and my daughter are perfectly healthy, which is the best possible news. When I wasn’t snowed-in this winter, I spent free time shopping for baby things and planning all the wonderful ways I intend to spoil him. One of the first things on my to-buy list after he’s born is a stroller. I want to take him along all the beautiful walking trails of Pennsylvania on the days I babysit. Here’s a picture of my grandbaby at 22 weeks. His head and features are fully formed. Isn’t technology amazing?

Happy Spring!



KISSING HER COWBOY is featured on Friday, March 14, 2014 at eBookSoda, a new readers’ site where they’ll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste. Stop by and pick up a copy of KISSING HER COWBOY for only .99!

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Nothing says love to an author like a great review, especially for a new release. We authors work hard on our stories and hope our readers will enjoy them.

When Women’s Fiction editor Kristin Contino included my new release KISSING HER COWBOY in her “Romantic Reads for Valentine’s Day” column and rated the story 5 Stars on Amazon, she gave me the best Valentine’s Day gift an author could hope for. Good reviews let an author know she’s done her job and point readers in the direction of a book they might enjoy.

Do you write reviews for the books you read?

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A Lunchbox Romance Short Story

Only .99 from Boroughs Publishing!

A cowboy with a fractured back and a cop with a broken spirit heal on a Texas ranch with the help of a stallion named Big Blue.


Treymont Woods is forced to take light duty work around Breezy Meadows Ranch after a rodeo accident. While Trey’s body heals, he offers riding lessons to Houston locals on the greatest horse that ever lived, Big Blue. When police officer Daisy Phillips arrives for her first session, sparks fly. But her invisible wounds run deep, making it hard for her to form connections. KISSING HER COWBOY is the story of two broken people who heal on the road to their happily ever after.


“Oh, Lord.” Treymont Woods kicked up dust on his boots as he sauntered from the stables to the woman who just had to be his new riding student. Her flaming red hair swooshed from one side of her shoulders to the other as she watched his stallion, Big Blue, canter inside the corral. Her hands, knuckles white, clutched the fence and every muscle in her tall, slim figure looked tight. Before he could get to her, she pivoted toward the parking area, moving her feet like she was fixin’ to run.

“Hey there!” He called out as a distraction. By the time Trey reached the woman’s side, he could hear her breathing like she’d raced a Texas mile. Before he could introduce himself, she turned to him with wide green eyes and shouted, “He’s huge!” Pink splotches bloomed under the freckles on her pale skin.

She licked her bottom lip and shook her head. “No, no, no, no….” and started backing away. “I can’t do this. Keep my deposit. I’ll figure something else out.”

Trey lifted his hands in mock surrender. “Okay. No problem. You don’t have to ride if you don’t want to.”  Her jeans looked too tight for riding, anyway, and that white blouse would be smudged inside five minutes. Hadn’t the woman ever been to a ranch before?

She stopped moving then and frowned at him, causing twin lines to form above her nose. Her adorable nose, now that he’d gotten a decent look. In fact, everything about the woman seemed downright appealing, despite her reaction to Big Blue. Who in their right mind wouldn’t love the greatest horse that ever lived, on sight?

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SANTA TO THE RESCUE and its firefighter hero Jamey Tucker won second place in the 2013 Love Romances Cafe Reader’s Choice Awards in the Best Man in Uniform category. Thirteen nominees competed for three winning spots of First, Runner Up, and Honorable Mention. I’m very happy to have won Runner Up for my little novella and appreciate your votes. Thank you!

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